owner Jan Martin in the performance spaceBookings — Aims & Uses

The Phyllis Maud is an independent performance space. It can be hired by someone wishing to showcase their talents and its uses are many and varied. Equipped with seating for 35 people, theatrical lights and a sound system it will be a starting point for emerging talent as well as being a platform for established and professional entertainment. The space can simply be booked for an event and publicity for the event arranged by the performer with help from the team at Barnabas Arts House. Uses for the space could be:

  • Theatre or other theatrical performance
  • Arts show or installation
  • Meetings
  • Debates
  • Quiz nights
  • Magic shows
  • Interview
  • Speed dating
  • Homeless Hair cutting
  • Plays
  • Writing workshops
  • Painting classes
  • Your other ideas

How to book

If you are interested in booking The Phyllis Maud please use the contact form. For information or a more immediate response use the contact details in the footer below.

Calendar of events

This calendar may not be complete, please contact us for the latest news and information.

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