Phyllis Maud, beloved aunty

Why Phyllis Maud? Phyllis Maud Neels was my aunty (my mother’s sister) and was a huge part of my life from being a baby until her death in 2017, she was 96. Aunty Phyllis taught me to keep my elbows in when I was eating, bought me my first proper coat and made costumes for me to wear at St David’s day school concerts. Her husband Ron taught me about positivity, not bothering to read maps and that anything was possible if you put your mind to it. I loved them both very much . Together they lead a very interesting life – widely travelled and in their younger years shared accommodation with Frankie Howard and Tessie O’Shea. They once attended a party in London with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Phyllis Maud was a woman of strength, dignity, good humour and character. Because of her provision for me after her death I was able to purchase this old building and give it new life. Bringing new possibilities to the people of my beloved Newport.

  • a diarama of Phyllis Maud Neel at her fireside

History of the building

Formerly a toilet built solely for men in the late 1800’s this grade II listed building served both the railwaymen (there were railway lines behind the Phyllis Maud) and the Newport dockers. Derelict to a point of being dangerous this gem was carefully given new life by its present owner Janet Martin and hopefully will stand proudly for a long time to come honouring the late Phyllis Maud Neels and giving pleasure to the people of Newport and beyond.

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